The Winnie is named after the famed trout and salmon waters of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. This style of lure has proven itself very effective in trout waters. Especially those where smelt are the predominant forage fish. The Winnie is a very realistic smelt presentation. A 2 3/4” willow leaf slender blade

trolling spoon. A flutter spoon by design weighing in at 1/4 oz. Varied retrieve or trolling speeds impart different actions.


Genuine Silver and 24K Gold finishes as well as muted Copper in Honeycomb scale pattern with strike triggering eyes, UV reactive.


The Winnie comes to Mooselook from the Savant lure company which we acquired in 2013. The designs the founder Tom Manning had developed over the years are proven producers. The Winnie, an original Savant design is a welcome addition to the Mooselook stable of lures.



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