The Mooselook Wobbler's distinctive design is a north-eastern classic with deep roots in New England.

Ever since its conception in 1938 on the shores of Lake Mooselookmeguntic, Maine, the Mooselook Wobbler has been a go-to design of anglers. A distinctive fish-like finned pattern paired with erratic wobbling action and high quality finishes has ensure the classic's continued success.  Equally at home on beaver ponds and large windswept lakes and reservoirs, there's a size and colour of Mooselook Wobbler for every fish and every angler.

A worldwide reputation

From its regional origins, the Mooselook Wobbler's reputation has transcended borders and it is now widely distributed in the USA, including as far away as California and Utah, Canada, as well as Switzerland, Norway, and Estonia.  Anglers all over the world like the distinctive shape and action of the lure, as well as the top quality precious metal finishes that are the pride of all the Brecks brands.

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