Product Description

The Mooselook Thinfish is an ultra-thin flutter spoon, stamped on a premium spring Brass base to retain its shape. It weighs in at under 1/6 oz. at 3” in length. The baitfish profile and fluttering action are offered in a color selection ranging from Copper when subtle is better or for a contrasting profile on top, through to genuine Silver or 24K Gold to address any situation. The precious metal finishes offer the brightest flash possible at any depth, reflecting any and all available light deeper and farther. Ideally suited to lead core, wire line or downrigger controlled depth trolling. When trolling the Thinfish with lead core or wire line, pump your rod to enhance the action and impart a darting and fluttering wounded baitfish movement which will trigger followers to strike. The Thinfish also works well run behind a dodger or larger attractor. It also shines in flat lining presentations when fishing the top 10 feet. Add just enough weight 24” to 36” ahead of the Thinfish to keep it in the 2-3 foot zone at your chosen trolling speed.

Stock No. Length Approx. Weight Colors
180 3” - 7.6 cm 1/6 oz - 4.7 g All
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